Best Ways to Create an Explainer Video – Beginner’s Guide

The online video watching is witnessing a huge bloom these days and most of the companies are choosing explainer video as the ultimate way of presenting their stories to the customers. To produce the best search results, the algorithm of top search engines like Google also consider the amount of time a visitor stays on your website and that makes it one of the many reasons the companies are choosing the explainer videos. Explainer videos have gained humongous popularity over last few years because of their easy affordability and the effectiveness in providing absolute business growth. Thus, explainer videos have become a successful marketing tool which clarifies your product, boost sales and produce high conversion rates.

Best tools to create an explainer video:

To create an excellent explainer video that will touch the audience compelling them to take the decision in favour of your business, you will require an excellent tool. Now there are several tools available on the internet these days to create a promotional video but you need to choose only the best to do so in order to reach out to your customers. But finding the perfect tool to create an explainer video can be a little tough for a beginner, hence we have isolated the best of bests for you with which you can showcase your business to the audience in a way that you have done never before.

1. VideoScribe & Tawe

Finding explainer video tools are not easy but we have here the best ones for you. VideoScribe and Tawe by the video-maker company Sparkol, top our list and there is a perfect reason behind that. Let us unravel that mystery to you.

VideoScribe is an innovative animated video maker software launched by Sparkol in 2012 and it has been popular ever since. The software has captured the attention of tons of agencies, academics, and companies due to its unique features. It has been tried by several enthusiastic video makers and graphic artists only to produce beautiful results. There are several video animation software available in the market but VideoScribe stands atop them because you can actually own the software without having to pay monthly or quarterly premiums. Moreover, you can create your own whiteboard animation explainer videos without any professional assistance or complications. Yes! It is that easy to use and also inexplicably cost effective.

The word ‘Tawe’ means a tour and with this video making software you will surely be sending your customers for an amazing tour of your business. It is a free-to-download application created by Sparkol with which you will be able to let the pictures do the talking for you. In short, Tawe will turn a bunch of pictures into a beautiful heart-throbbing presentation within few seconds. What you will have to do is take few pictures of your company especially the things that you want to share with your customers and Tawe will turn it into a beautiful explainer video. You can also add voiceover or sketches into it to make the video more interesting.

The thing which is by far the most important one is that if you buy one anyone, another is free which means you will be able to buy two of these most beautiful video maker applications at the price of just one. Use VideoScribe and Tawe to create most innovative explainer videos and enjoy increased traffic as well as high conversion rates for your business website. Given below is a demo for you on how to use these applications.

2. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is one of the top video making software applications available in the market and it is pretty impressive too. As the name suggests, you will be able to create professional animated explainer videos with the help of GoAnimate without any prior knowledge in animation or video making. Thus, it is very easy to use.
GoAnimate offers you a plethora of interesting features and it is cheap too with the plans starting from $39 per month. It also provides a two weeks trial period and during this period, no credit card information are required. This animated video making software provides unlimited creation, downloads and also includes a variety of characters along with different kinds of sounds or props.

GoAnimate is very responsive and has a cloud interface which makes the video making a child’s play for you. Subscribe to and create wonderful animated explainer videos that the audience of your website can truly cherish.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world right now and it helps a lot of people to save a lot of money. Yes! I will back it up what I said because you can get amazing explainer videos for your business by posting a gig on Fiverr at a price as low as $5.

Why would you spend tons of cash on a freelancer when you can easily get your job done on Fiverr? Just post a gig on, clearly explain your requirements, get an amazing explainer video at a very cheap price starting from $5 and give the visitors of your website a real visual treat.

4. Powtoon

Powtoon is an animated presentation software application which enables you to create professional presentations without any prior expertise. It goes beyond saying that Powtoon is far better than the Powerpoint and other similar presentation software that you have previously encountered.

Powtoon provides you with an easy-to-use yet attractive user interface, slide timeline along with animation which can be considered to be its USP, variety of pre-built templates from which you can choose the suitable one for you, animated gifs and many more attractive features.

But if you compare with the applications listed above, Powtoon is not up to their mark and there are few reasons behind that:

    1. The high price of the subscription. Higher than the explainer video tools we have listed above.
    2. A cloud-based application like Powtoon cannot be used offline. One needs to have access to the account for editing the videos.

* Most of the features can only be availed in paid subscriptions.

If you neglect these cons, Powtoon is a fine application to create creative animated presentations or explainer videos.

As stated in the beginning, explainer videos have become one of the most formidable marketing strategies for the business world and you can use any application from the list given above to create one for your company too. But if you want to be a real gainer then you should go for VideoScribe or Tawe because you can avail both of them only by paying for one and you will actually own the software without having to pay monthly premiums. Moreover, it provides best user interface and features which will enable you to create magic in the form an explainer video. In the end, the choice always rests upon you; choose your explainer video making tool wisely and make your business bloom like never before.

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