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Reading books is a great way to build up your knowledge and come up with great ideas. However, most of the people nowadays neither have the time nor the temperament to finish a whole book. Thus, the next best thing to reading an entire book is to get an informative summary of the book. A detailed review having all the key points will help you to understand the message that the book is trying to convey. You will be able to understand the concepts and gain ideas that you are looking for. Most importantly, you will be able to complete the whole thing in just a few minutes rather than spending hours reading the entire book. 

There are several applications nowadays that provide you with well-curated book summaries. And Instaread is undoubtedly one of the most notable ones. While it is a much newer application compared to veterans like Blinkist but the features it offers has helped Instaread to make a name for itself in the market. So, without much ado, let’s start with our Instaread review and find out everything that this app has to offer.¬†You will get the latest Instaread Coupon Code also from here. You can check the overall quality of the app by taking the 7 days free trial.

A brief overview of Instaread:

Instaread is an application that helps you to learn without having to invest much time. How does the app enable you to do that? Well, Instaread offers you with summaries of as many as 700 books, magazines, articles, and different pieces. 

The best part about this is the fact that you will be able to finish reading a summary within just fifteen minutes. Most importantly, the summaries are also available in audiobook format. So, if you are tired of reading, you can just listen to the abstracts and gain your ideas from there. 

Instaread is perfect for anyone interested in reading books or looking for ideas but do not have the time to do it. Recent studies have revealed that an average person reads only twelve or less number of books in a year. But with Instaread, you can change this fact. With this application, you will be able to understand the concepts from a plethora of books without wasting much time. 

Available in desktop as well as iOS version, you will be able to use this application in both desktops, laptop as well as your mobile phone. Furthermore, Instaread has several topics to choose from. So, you will have no trouble finding the book summary of the book you are looking for. 

Instaread Features:

Instaread provides you with a lot of exciting features. So, it is tough to fit every one of them within the scope of our review. Well, here are some of the best features that Instaread offers:

1. Great design:

The design of Instaread is the foremost thing that needs to be highlighted before everything else. This application has quite a user-friendly as well as intuitive design. Hence, you will not have any problem to navigate through Instaread even if you are not a native English speaker. Most importantly, the cover designs of the book that Instaread showcases on their site are genuinely remarkable. Being a site for book summaries, Instaread cannot showcase the original book covers. As a result, they design their version of the covers for the books. And they are nothing less than art pieces which promise to attract the readers immediately. 

2. A variety of content:

The wide range of content that Instaread offers is undoubtedly one of its strong points. From business and economics, self-help, political science, fiction, and sports to history, Instaread offers you a plethora of books from a wide variety of genres to choose from.

3. Original pieces and magazines:

Apart from the books, Instaread also offers you several original pieces. The original pieces are actually shortcuts on different topics. These pieces have been created in such a way that they will help you to grasp the concepts quickly without any hassle. Apart from, Instaread also features summaries of articles from popular magazines like the New York Times. 

4. Available in Audible version:

It is quite possible that you may not get the time to read a summary. But Instaread has a solution for those moments. It provides you with the book summaries in the audiobook format too. So, if you do not get the time to read, you can just listen to the summaries without any trouble. 

5. Instaread Coupon Code & Pricing:

Instaread has two different pricing policies. It offers you a monthly plan which you can avail at the expense of $8.99 per month. Plus, there is a yearly plan, too, which can be availed at just $7.99 every month. Also, there is a free trial period of 7 days that you can utilize to understand how suitable Instaread is for you. 

Annual Subscription

Instaread is an excellent application for book lovers who do not get much time to finish a book. And without any doubt, it is a unique solution for anyone trying to hone their knowledge. So, go through our review once again and subscribe to it if you find Instaread suitable for your needs. You can also check the latest discounted Instaread coupon code from here as well.

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